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044 801 9009
044 801 9004
044 801 9017
044 801 9135
Please provide your GRG account number with all enquiries.

Please scroll down this page for details on how to open a new municipal service account.

Printed accounts are usually sent by post during the last week of the month and payment is due by the 15th of the following month. If you haven’t received a printed account by the 15th, it is suggested you pay an average amount, request an account via email or check your account totals on the George Municipality Mobile Application (App).

If you want to receive your account via email, please mail a request to
George Municipality Mobile App subscribers can access their new statement amounts by the 27th of each month. Download the App from your mobile Playstore – when you register the first time, use your mobile phone number as the username and password (you can change the password once you are in).

Accounts can be paid via electronic transfer (EFT – see details below), via pay@ mobile applications (see details below) and at Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, USave and SPAR.
Please take your most recent available account statement with you so that the shop can access the bar code that connects your payment to your GRG account number.

Meter readings
Online submissions of water meter readings are welcomed and can be provided via the below email address along with the account holder’s name, contact details and GRG account number.
Please note that meter readings are done per area at different times of the month and it is important that your meter reading email is submitted around the same time as your area’s reading time. Please check the date of the previous reading at the bottom of your account to determine your meter reading slot.
A new service provider, Electro Cuts, has commenced water meter reading services for George Municipality from January 2021.
Consumers must please note the change in email address to

Bank details for electronic payment (please note bank details changed 1 December 2020)
First National Bank (FNB)
Account Type: Public Sector Cheque Account
Account Name: George Municipality
Account Number: 62869623150
Branch Code: 210554
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Reference: your GRG account number
Proof of payment to be sent to

For traffic fines only:
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account Name: George Municipality
Account Type: Public Sector Cheque Account
Account Number: 62869623168
Branch Code: 210554
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Use the traffic fine number as reference.

pay@ mobile applications
Download Masterpass, Snapscan or Zapper application on your mobile phone and complete your profile.
Load your credit or debit card.
To pay the account, open ‘Wallet’ inside the App you have downloaded and scan the QR code (the black square with the little squares inside it on the bottom right of your account).
Enter the amount you are going to pay and complete the transaction.
The App will confirm your successful, secure transaction.

You can also use the following link for payment of your account :
Click on the link and enter the Pay@ reference number (number starting with 11413) which appears on your account. Your customer information will appear with payment options to choose from.

Prepaid electricity purchases
The electricity token is automatically sent to the client via SMS or email.
Mobile apps belonging to banks also have a pre-paid electricity purchase function.
For prepaid enquiries please contact 044 873 5474

If your electricity has been cut off or your pre-paid meter purchases has been blocked because you owe the municipality money, you can do the following:
Pay the account and then inform the office of payment during office hours on 044 801 9111 OR visit the office during office hours to make the necessary arrangements.
If you do not pay, you will be allowed one R50 electricity token in a 30-day cycle, which you can only buy Monday to Thursday.

Emergency number for reconnection after you have paid a sufficient amount:
063 699 5998. Emergencies only and at these hours: Monday to Friday 4.30pm-8pm; Saturday 8am-8pm; Sunday 8am-2pm

Households that have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic can inquire about financial relief at the finance hall in the municipality main building, area offices or the contact details at the top of this page.

Households not qualifying for Indigent Support because they earn more than R4000 per month or that do not qualify because of other criteria, can apply for a percentage rebate (discount) on property rates by downloading the form, filling it in and sending it to or along with the above-mentioned documentation.

Rebates are determined annually as part of the budget process and updated in the annual tariffs list, and are usually 40% on property rates for a household income of R0-R7000 and 20% on property rates for household incomes of R7000-R8000.

You can open a new municipal account online or in person.
Please note:
• A copy of the property deed search is the only type of proof of ownership that will be accepted – please ask the attorney who handled your property transfer to provide you with this document.
• If you are opening a service account on behalf of someone else, a permission letter from the owner must accompany the application as well as a certified copy of the owner’s ID and your ID.
• A tenant cannot open a service account, only the registered owner who is responsible for the full payment of the statement each month. The owner must invoice his/her tenant.
• A deposit is payable before your application can be processed.
• You incur costs on your property from the date it is registered in your name at the deeds office.
• You will receive your first account about a month after the account was opened, which is payable on the 15th of every month.
• If you sell your property, you are liable for the account up until the last day the property is registered in your name. A final account will be sent to you once all administration has been finalised.
• You can use a valid identification document (ID), passport or driving licence as identification.

Opening a service account online:
• Send an email to requesting the procedures of opening a service account online.
• You will receive a return email from a consultant, who will take you through the process step-by-step.
• Please take note of the documents that would be required as listed below, depending on the type of service account you are opening.

Opening an account in person:
• Visit the Finance Hall on the ground floor of the George Municipality Main Building (entry via parking lot behind the building, accessed from Victoria and Progress Streets) and apply in person to open the account.
• Bring with you all the documents specified below, depending on the type of service account you are opening.
• Report at the Information Desk from where you will be referred to a consultant who will open the account and provide you with the amount deposit payable.
• Pay your deposit at the cashier and return the cashier’s slip to the consultant who will complete your application.
• You will receive a copy of the contract document you signed as part of the account opening process, which will include your account number.

The following documents are required to open an account:
Single or multiple owners:
• Copy of property deed as proof of ownership
• ID document(s) of all owners
• If opening for someone else, a letter of permission to open an account on owner’s behalf and own ID
• Proof of payment of applicable deposit

• Copy of property deed as proof of ownership
• J246 (letter from the Master of the Supreme Court)
• ID documents of all trustees of the trust
• VAT number
• If opening for someone else, a letter of permission to open an account on owner’s behalf and own ID
• Proof of payment of applicable deposit

Closed Corporation (CC)
• Copy of property deed as proof of ownership
• CK2 (Certificate of Founding Statement)
• VAR103 (VAT registration and number)
• Identity documents of the owner(s) of the CC
• If opening for someone else, a letter of permission to open an account on owner’s behalf and own ID
• Proof of payment of applicable deposit

Public Company (Pty) Ltd
• Copy of property deed as proof of ownership
• CM29 (Register of Directors)
• CM1 (Certificate of Incorporation)
• CM46 (Certificate to Commence Business)
• VAR103 (VAT registration and number)
• Identity document of the director of the company
• If opening for someone else, a letter of permission to open an account on owner’s behalf and own ID
• Proof of payment of applicable deposit

Banking Details
ABSA Bank Account Number: 010 2222 0981
Branch code: 632005
Type of account: Cheque
Reference: Deposit Erf #### (insert erf number of the property for which the account is being opened)
VAT nr: 4630193664
Send proof of payment to: