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Events Support

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Event Support
George, Wilderness and Uniondale boasts with a diverse range of lifestyle, sports, and cultural events.

The George event partnership provides various levels of support to lifestyle, sports and leisure events where opportunities exist to promote the city as an attractive destination. George Municipality works with event organisers, local organisations, and government, industry & media partners to maximise the marketing of the event where possible and within our available resources.

COVID-19 Health Pandemic:
Globally, we find ourselves in an unprecedented climate, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to adapt the way we operate. The events space needs to consider this, with current regulations set by government limiting the numbers allowed for events.

Events Funding Timeframe
The COVID-19 regulations will be in place for the foreseeable future and as such, have presented a rare opportunity to adapt, both as a destination and as event organisers.

The COVID-19 Recovery Phase for the tourism and hospitality sector is not known yet but it is envisaged and estimated to be from October 2020 onwards.

Taking the above into account, we are adapting and putting our event support focus into recovery, events sector support and geographic spread – this is taking away the focus on seasonality as it is overtaken by the pandemic.

Partnership objectives
George Municipality aims to increase the profile of the destination through the leveraging of events that:

  • Deliver tourism and economic benefit to the local Municipal area.
  • Enhance and align with strategic niche activities such sports, adventure, food & beverages, arts and culture.
  • Generate extensive media coverage, through various channels.
  • Attract international and domestic visitors to the city.


  • Event to have a functional website or social media platform with all up-to-date event information on it.
  • Visitor potential – the extent to which the event delivers against the uniqueness of the town in which it is taking place that will drive visitors.
  • Economic value – does the event provide significant economic value to the host town?
  • Event timing – the event must occur between July 2021 – June 2022.
  • Branding – does the event enhance the niche initiatives?
  • Marketing – does the event have a marketing plan and budget?
  • Hosting and support – willingness of the event to host / provide in-kind support for media, trade members or partners?
  • Growth – has the event demonstrated a commitment for growth and ongoing financial viability?

Event criteria
Events and festivals must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Niche activities – must be aligned with sports, adventure, food & beverages, arts and culture.
  • Combat seasonality – events requiring vast amounts of accommodation should not take place in peak accommodation periods.
  • Job creation – event must have a potential to contribute towards job creation.
  • Destination profiling – provide media opportunities and position the local town as events destination and/or gain wide exposure through various channels that profile the destination as a great place to live, work & play.

Event Funding
George Municipality offers financial and non-financial support as follows:

Financial support
Call for events funding applications takes place annually between April & June.

  • A call for proposals is made via the George Herald and on the George Municipal Website and social media channels.
  • Forms are also distributed to known event organisers.
  • Allocated funding is towards event infrastructure and marketing.
  • The funding is for the specified period only.
  • George Municipality enters into a Memorandum of Agreement with the approved events.
  • Events are funded at the sole discretion of the George Municipality’s nominated events committee.
  • All decisions are final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding events not funded.

Non-financial support

  • Listing on our websites and
  • Feature in a dedicated Blog on our tourism website and included in the Cape Town and Western Cape Events Guide.
  • Listing on the George Events Calendar, distributed monthly.
  • Social media – hashtags will be provided for individual events.
  • Media release – quote from the Mayor or Deputy Mayor and relevant official.
  • Mayor or Deputy Mayor attendance to either event or media launch, or both, depending on availability.
  • Permission to erect lamppost posters and banners that bear the sponsorship logo of George Municipality.

The following infrastructure support can be determined on a case-by-case basis, by arrangement either paid, or in-kind, but is dependent on a Council Resolution, so must be applied for timeously:

  • Venues
  • Equipment
  • Temporary land use
  • Road Closures
  • Traffic Control
  • Law Enforcement
  • Health & Safety

Sponsor & Media hosting

  • George Municipality will discuss hosting opportunities on a case-by-case basis.
  • Travel media and influencers are identified and invited to attend selected regional events.
  • George Municipality, in partnership with the Event Organisers may cover transport, accommodation, entry tickets and meals.
  • The hosted media are encouraged to profile the destination on their social media platforms, blogs and websites.

The Process
The event sponsorship programme will have five phases.

  1. Call for Proposals: this phase runs annually from February to April.
    The event application forms and proposals will be submitted via e-mail to Claudine Carelse at to George Tourism, 124 York Street, George.
  2. Events Review:
    The George Tourism Events Steering Committee will analyse each event application as an opportunity to meet its strategic objectives and events sponsorship criteria.  Events that align with the destination niche activities such as spots, adventure, food & beverages, arts, and culture will be considered.
  3. Communication and Feedback:
    All submitted events applications and proposals are acknowledged immediately.  Event organisers will be informed if there are outstanding documents or information.  The outcomes of the events applications will be communicated via e-mail to successful and unsuccessful applicants by end of June 2022.
  4. Event Marketing Agreement:
    George Municipality and Event Organiser(s) will sign the Memorandum of Agreement.  The document will clearly state the role and responsibilities of the parties. Upon returning the signed MOA, the Event Organiser will receive a confirmation of the amount sponsored in the form of a Purchase Order for invoicing and payment.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation:
    Event Organisers are required to complete and submit the Events Report Template accompanied by their detailed Event Report and images, no more than 30 days after the event. The event report must highlight the return on investment of promotional strategy for the destination, including a portfolio of evidence of Agreement met, the number of attendees; jobs created and estimated economic impact of the total event.