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Water and Sanitation

Report burst water mains, leaking pipes and blocked sewers to:

044 801 9262/6 (7.45am-4.30pm)
044 801 6300 (after hours)
Uniondale: 044 752 1024

Civil Engineering Client Services Centre:
Old ABSA building, York Street
044 801 2500/10 (7.45am-4.30pm)
044 801 6300 (after hours)

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The immediate measures to be adhered to are as follows:

  • Mechanical or automatic irrigation/watering devices or sprinkler systems for gardens are prohibited. Gardens may only be watered with a handheld hose from 19h00 – 21h00 (September – April) and 17h00 – 19h00 (May – August).Mondays/Thursdays: Even-numbered households ONLY
    Tuesdays/Fridays: Uneven numbered households ONLY
  • The irrigation or watering of all sports fields is prohibited.  Exemption applies only for golf course greens, bowling greens, and cricket pitches daily between 19h00 – 21h00.
  • The washing of vehicles using a handheld/garden hose, except by a commercial enterprise, is prohibited.
  • Cleaning of any outside surface area using a hosepipe/mechanical means is prohibited. The use of a bucket is permitted.
  • Filling of swimming pools is prohibited.
  • Where own water from a borehole or reservoir is used, “OWN WATER” signage must be displayed.
  • Exemption can be applied for and considered, please contact 044 801 9354.

Contraventions of the Water Restrictions can be reported on 0800 424477. Fines will apply and/or six months imprisonment. Report all water leaks to our Civil Engineering Directorate on 044 801 9262/66 or A/h 044 801 6300


(as of 25 March 2021)
• Handheld watering of gardens using a hose with municipal water: even-numbered households Mondays and Thursdays, 3pm-5pm AND uneven-numbered households Tuesdays and Fridays, 3pm-5pm in winter, 7pm-9pm in summer.
• Mechanical irrigation of gardens (sprayers) using municipal water is prohibited.
• Watering sports fields using municipal water is prohibited, except for golf course greens, bowling greens and cricket pitches, in winter, 7pm-9pm in summer.
• Filling up of swimming pools using municipal water is prohibited.
• Washing cars with a hose using municipal water is prohibited (buckets allowed, rainwater encouraged), except for commercial car washes.
• Cleaning of outside surfaces using a hosepipe with municipal water is prohibited (buckets allowed, rainwater encouraged).
• “OWN WATER” signage must be displayed where applicable and must be proven on request by municipal officials.
• Applications for exemption of some restrictions may be considered on merit.

Clients making use of George Municipality Sewerage Truck Services, please note:
• All operation and maintenance of on-site septic and conservancy tanks, and all costs related to it, are the responsibility of the property owner.
• The owner must check septic and conservancy tank levels regularly and book a service long enough in advance to avoid spillovers.
• Book your collection/cleaning of tanks at least three days in advance at the phone numbers below.
• Immediate response to emergency overflows cannot be guaranteed and is subject to availability and scheduling of trucks.
• Collection and cleaning of tanks after hours (4.30pm-7.45am), on weekends and public holidays are more expensive than in working hours, as per municipal rates, and will only be done on confirmation by client that the after-hours fee is accepted.

Book your suction truck services on 044 801 9262/66.
Uniondale: 044 752 1024
After hours: 044 801 6300