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Streets and Stormwater

Report potholes, stormwater blockages, dirt roads requiring grading and streets requiring painting and signage to:
044 801 9262/6 (7.45am-4.30pm)
044 801 6300 (after hours)
Uniondale: 044 752 1024

Civil Engineering Client Services Centre:
Old ABSA building, York Street
044 801 2500/10 (7.45am-4.30pm)
044 801 6300 (after hours)

Civil Engineering Services administration offices:
Old Town Hall Building, York and Market Street

Click for Bylaw related to Streets and Stormswater.

The George Municipalityโ€™s Pavement Management System (PMS) is a planning tool for the maintenance and repair of the entire George municipal road network to optimise road conditions, and is used to prioritise roads for upgrading, repairs and rehabilitation in the George municipal area.

As part of the compilation of the PMS, each road is investigated by specialised pavement engineers and its condition classified from very poor (high priority) to very good (low priority). Factors considered during the classification process is the structural, aesthetic, surface and formation condition as well as traffic volumes and functional class of the road. Integrated Development Plan (IDP) requests and the number of complaints per road may play a role.

From the investigation, treatment options are specified for each road which could vary from a diluted emulsion, minor patching and crack seal to asphalt, rehabilitation, reconstruction, replacement with brick paving and more.

Further to the above, although a road may be regarded as high priority, it may be postponed depending on the municipalityโ€™s ability to afford the proposed remedial work. Alternatively, a road that was regarded as โ€˜goodโ€™ may deteriorate very quickly to poor, for instance after flooding and/or sudden increase in heavy vehicular traffic. Constant monitoring and evaluation are therefore required and may result in the reprioritisation of roads.

Given the current financial climate and insufficient funds, George Municipality focuses on roads that are regarded as poor to very poor but continues to explore funding opportunities to address more.

While no major repairs are foreseen for any roads in good or fair condition in the near future, routine maintenance continues as and when required. Requests for repairs to a specific road can be reported as listed above.